Generous Donations go to Te Hopai staff



Generous Donations to Te Hopai Staff

From time to time grateful families make donations to a special Te Hopai Home & Hospital Staff fund. They want to recognise the special care and love staff provide to residents every day. 

Te Hopai usually distributes or spends the money twice a year to directly benefit staff. In the past this has included Christmas parties, events and staff welfare. 

This week all donations received in 2019 were distributed to eligible staff as a special bonus of $150 each. The amount able to be paid out reflects the generosity and gratitude from families. 

We want to thank all staff for their commitment and hard work, and take a moment to reflect and remember those residents who are no longer with us.

If you would like to donate directly to Te Hopai or to the Te Hopai Staff fund please follow the link below