Long Term Chronic Health


Long Term Chronic Health

Te Hopai provides high quality care for suffering from Long Term Conditions (LTC's) including conditions such as diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, mental illness, chronic pain, chronic kidney disease and early dementia.



  • high quality, patient focussed care (value and high performance)
  • care that is integrated across the health system (one team)
  • to be regarded as leading partners in their care (people powered).

LTC Care Availability

Access to LTC care at Te Hopai will depend on appropriate private or public funding.

With the long term focus of type of care, we will work closely with you to determine the most suitable room type to accommodate abilities and lifestyle.

Principles Of LTC Care

Patient centered

Proactive coordinated care

Supporting physical & mental wellbeing

Inclusive care for all populations

"Our staff are committed to caring for each individual as they wish, providing excellent medical attention and personal care."

Jill Kerridge
Clinical Manager