Under 65 Contract Palliative


Under 65 Contract Palliative

Palliative care is the care of people who are dying from active, progressive diseases or other conditions that are not responsive to curative treatment. At Te Hopai Palliative care embraces the physical, social, emotional and spiritual elements of wellbeing and enhances a person’s quality of life while they are dying. Palliative care also supports the bereaved family/whānau.



Palliative care services are generally provided by a multidisciplinary team that works with the person who is dying and their family/whānau.

Palliative Care

  • Affirms life and regards dying as a normal process
  • Aims neither to hasten nor to postpone death
  • Aims to provide relief from distressing symptoms
  • Integrates physical (tinana), social (whānau), emotional (hinengaro) and spiritual (wairua) aspects of care to help the dying person and their family/whānau attain an acceptable quality of life
  • Offers help to the family/whānau/carers during the person’s illness and their bereavement.
  • Total care for the person requires both a multidisciplinary approach and continuity of care (before, during and after diagnosis of the terminal illness).

Principles Of Care

  • The focus of palliative care is the person who is dying as well as their family/ whānau.
  • All dying people should be informed of their entitlement to palliative care and have access to quality health and support services appropriate to, and consistent with, their needs.
  • Each person’s uniqueness, culture and autonomy should be respected, with all care based on their expressed needs and wishes.
  • Palliative care affirms and encourages the quality of life for each individual. While interventions (such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery) have a place in palliative care, the symptomatic benefit should outweigh any disadvantages of the procedure.

"Te Hopai staff are fully trained in all aspects of Palliative Care. We work with Hospice and medical specialists to make sure all needs are met."

Pakize Sari
General Manager