Vision and Values




Established in 1888, the Te Hopai Trust Group is the oldest charitable trust solely dedicated to the care of the elderly throughout New Zealand.


Our Charter in 1888 was to provide much needed quality care to the aged and needy. Today, whilst much has changed in the way we provide care, our core values of respect and compassion remain unchanged.

Te Hopai provides quality care in a well maintained residence with excellent facilities, larger than average rooms, sunny pleasant gardens and a continuum of care from residential to hospital and dementia. In an aged care market dominated by the impersonality of large corporations and the departure of the charitable sector, Te Hopai stands out as a provider of intimate level care for the aged and the needy, making no distinction between private and fully subsidised residents and taking pride in the high standards maintained throughout.

Our Philosophy

We believe in caring for those members of the community who are unable to care for themselves.

We believe our care should:

  • keep them safe from harm
  • promote their independence
  • encourage and nurture their individuality, dignity and self worth
  • be as close to their own home environment as possible
  • reflect their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual needs
  • be delivered with kindness and friendliness
  • respect their freedom of choice and speech
  • be based upon decisions made by them
  • involve their relatives and friends
  • maintain their right to privacy and confidentiality
  • provide their right to live in peace and with dignity