Donate to our new van



It's time our old van retired from the workforce! Each service is getting more expensive and each time we take our lovely residents out, we wonder if the van will behave.

The cost for a new, purpose built van is $125,000 including signwriting. Thanks to one extremely generous donation of $45,000 towards the van, the new van has been ordered and is now in Aotearoa New Zealand. It will be kitted out over the next few weeks and we hope our residents will get their inaugural trip in the van in June/July 2024.

Can you help us fundraise the rest? Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated. If you too can find it in your heart - and wallet - to donate as generously as our one anonymous donor to date did, let us talk about whether you'd appreciate a public THANK YOU on the side of the Te Hopai residents van - a moving billboard, if you will!

If you would like to donate directly to this project, please contact our wonderful General Manager, Pakize Sari (click here for her email) or follow the link below to donate now.