Meals at Te Hopai



Meals at Te Hopai are prepared in our modern professional on-site kitchen by trained chefs.

As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, our chefs prepare morning & afternoon teas and a light supper.

All menus are designed with nutrition and variety in mind. Special dietary requirements to meet health or cultural reasons are discussed with Residents and their families.



From our kitchen 100s of meals are served daily using high tech heating and cooling trolleys to ensure optimum delivery

Dining At Te Hopai

We try to fill dining tables with like-minded companions.

As well as our large dining rooms, smaller more personal spaces are made available to make dining a pleasure or to allow family members to be involved.

Compliments & Complaints

Meeting everyone's changing tastes is challenging.

We get more complaints, and compliments, about our food than anything else. We are always ready to listen and learn how to better meet your needs.

"They are very accommodating to our needs. From allowing us to host a lovely 90th birthday celebration for Mum, to little things like providing us with morning and afternoon tea when we visit"

Family Member

"Food is important to me. It is pleasant. Not quantity but quality"

Phil Matthews
Resident Owen St

"There was a special morning tea for residents and families and splendid dinner on Christmas Day. Staff were so attentive to everyone and made sure they had everything they wanted, and of course the food for both was excellent – I felt rather envious."

Judith Burch
Family Member

"On my last visit I couldn’t help but notice the quality and quantity of food offered. It is indeed reassuring for peace of mind when on lives so far away to know Aunty is being so well cared for is so happy."

Graeme Percy
Family Member