Update to our family van usage policy from 5th April 2024



A message shared with our families and residents on 5th April 2024 regarding the personal usage of our FunCargo van going forward.

Kia ora koutou katoa

I hope this email finds you well. Over the many years, our Te Hopai community has utilised our FunCargo for personal outings. This vehicle has not just been a means of transport but a symbol of our collective journey and the unity that brings us all together.

However, with a heavy heart, I must inform you that effective immediately, FunCargo will no longer be available for family use. This decision did not come easily and involves various factors that necessitated re-evaluation. Among the primary reasons are the escalating challenges in managing its usage logistics, the increasing complexities surrounding health safety requirements, and the considerable effort required for its maintenance and coordination. Ensuring the FunCargo meets everyone's needs while adhering to these standards has become increasingly untenable.

I understand that this change might cause inconvenience, and for that, I apologise. It's important to me that this decision is seen not as a step back from our shared experiences but as a necessary adjustment to ensure the well-being and ease of management for all involved. I deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate this change.

On a brighter note, I am thrilled to share that we are expecting a new van for in the next three months, specifically dedicated to residents' recreational outings coordinated by Te Hopai staff and volunteers. Our current van is quite aged and worn out, so we're thrilled about getting a new one. This will ensure that residents can experience their short journeys in comfort.

Thank you for all your support.

Warm Regards

Pakize Sari l General Manager