Quality Care Programme



Setting the Standard in Aged Care



Setting the Standard in Aged Care


Proven Quality

Te Hopai is one of only a small number of Aged Care Facilities that is accredited by the Ministry of Health for 4 Years, and in 2021 this is for the fourth consecutive time.

Our 4-year accreditation means that we in the top percentile of rest homes in the three DHBs (Wellington, Hutt and Wairarapa).  Audit reports are available on the Ministry of Health website for comparison and information. Other facilities may only receive a 1, 2 or 3-year license, indicating a greater need for Ministry guidance and supervision.

The certification audit is conducted against the relevant Health and Disability Standards and the contract with the district health board and Ministry of Health. The audit process included the review of policies and procedures, the review of residents and staff files, observations, interviews with residents, family, management, staff and a general practitioner.

Link to Full MOH Audit Reports


Every year we develop a Training Plan which identifies the ongoing training needs of our staff.  The Plan incorporates: learnings from any incidents staff have been involved in, staff satisfaction survey feedback, and the Education and Staff Development audit, which ask the staff about development and learning opportunities. In addition to comprehensive in-house training, we also offer our staff the opportunity to gain external healthcare qualifications via Careerforce and have two qualified staff who are able to assess these students.


Continuous Improvement

Te Hopai is committed to providing the highest quality services. We use a proven Quality Improvement and Benchmarking System overseen by our Quality and Training Manager.

The Quality Improvement & Benchmarking System comprises monthly internal audits and incident reporting cross checked against standards set by the Ministry of Health and Capital and Coast District Health Board. The System analyses the results and the data collected tracks our own performance, identifies trends and areas for improvement, and benchmarks us against other Aged Care facilities in NZ and Australia.

Analysed results are followed up with corrective actions designed to reduce the chance of those incidents happening again.  This completes our quality cycle.

At regular Health and Safety and Infection Control meetings staff feedback any issues that they may have encountered during their time at work. We monitor all health and safety and infection control issues via the benchmarking system.

We take complaints very seriously and follow up on every complaint, using it as a learning opportunity.  The complaints process is explained when a resident enters the facility and forms are available at each nurses’ station. Compliments and complaints drive our quality process and service improvements.


"Could not find more pleasant or helpful staff anywhere.”

Resident - Hospital


"Te Hopai is looking after me beautifully..”

Resident - Hospital


"The accommodation is comfortable. Offered a good variety of food. I’m impressed by how much variety there is.”

Neill McDougall
Resident - Hospital


“I'm never sure who has more fun - the dogs or the people. When I started bringing dogs from the SPCA they told me that Te Hopai was in a league of its own - they were right. It's a lovely place with caring staff and much happiness.”