Christmas Dementia campaign launches



Christmas Dementia campaign launches with the help of Santa.


Christmas is a stressful time for many people and it can be particularly difficult for the 70,000 New Zealanders who live with dementia.


But a new campaign called Remember December aims to support them and their families through the festive season.


Dementia New Zealand wants to alleviate some of the holiday stress.


"This can be a really busy time of year with a lot of hustle and bustle and people moving around and changes in environment," spokesperson Lisa Burns says.


It's launched the Remember December campaign, supporting those with dementia and their families during the Christmas period.


"Just be really aware of extra noise, extra chaos, family chaos. Things like music and things like that can become quite overwhelming," Burns says.


The organisation also wants to teach people about spotting dementia early and it's using a familiar face to get the message across.


"We've looked at all of the things that Santa has to do to deliver Christmas and how the top early 10 warning signs may affect him to make a difficult topic much easier to tackle and understand," Burns says.


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