AGM Chair Report 2021



This is my last report as Chair of this Board at this 133rd AGM of Te Hopai Trust


It has been a privilege to be involved with Te Hopai Home and Hospital over some considerable years. Over this time we have seen the build of the Rest home and Kowhai wings, the refurbishment of the Resthome lounge and courtyard and most recently Owen Street.


But Buildings do not maketh the Man and it is the residents and staff that I hold dear.


I want to say how outstanding I find the current Management team.

Pakize your heart and soul are totally here and you have incredible managements skills. 

It is Management from the head and heart which is so effective in maintaining a wonderful level of care which we on the Board are proud of and who many outside envy.

Thank you for all you support over my time in this office. 


I want to convey to our Clinical Managers Jill, Lillian and Vulori my huge respect for their loyalty as well as their wonderful caring skills. You are an exceptional team.

I must also say to our Finance Manager Tracy that the decision the Board made to bring in house the financial work was one of the good decisions we have made. As well as your bouncy and “can do attitude” you have drawn a much clearer picture of where our finances stand and as we saw at the Board Strategy Day, where they are heading.


Clearly from here on in the Board has to find another stream of income if we are going to survive and thrive into the future.  

I guess that is the big challenge I leave The Board with.


Thank you to all my fellow Board Members. I think we work well together as a team, supporting the staff but staying out of their day to day decision making.

I want to single out Dave Stewart who in his part time Managing Director Role as well as being a Board Member gives so much to Te Hopai. 

He is Pakize’s go to person, her support with HR issues as well as introducing and keeping current our social media. Having to travel in from the Coast adds to the time he gives to Te Hopai and Dave, I and the whole Board appreciate the superb job you do. 

In my experience, having this part time M.D. role has worked extremely well adding to the smooth running of the Board and Te Hopai.


Over my many years on this Board there has always been a good balance of expertise in finance, business, clinical, HR  and development.  Having this balance  I believe has contributed to the success of Te Hopai as a viable business and it is my hope that such a balance continues into the future.  


Thank you Dean Riddell for taking on the Chairmanship. You are a unique person and I am sure will run the Board in a unique way. 

However with your sound knowledge of business, finance as well as the challenges of what we are facing in New Zealand as a whole if not in the World you may well be the man for the moment.

With a strong Clinical dimension on the Board to back you as well as the Financial committee I feel I am leaving the Chair in good hands.


Finally I want to say thank you to Masako Crawford, probably the quietest Board Member.  While we struggle to find ways of increasing the wages of our Nurses and Carers, Masako has found another way to support them by bringing in Kaibosh food each week for them to take home thus supplementing their wages. Your kindness and practicality is appreciated.


I wish the Board all the best for the future. 

Look after this  Star in the Universe of Aged Care.


Lorraine Christie 

Chair 2010 - 2021