Open for Fathers Day



Open for Fathers Day

Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #23

Just another catch-up to keep us all on the same page. I do understand some of the frustrations everyone is feeling (us included) with different advice coming from different sources and also having aged care facilities doing things slightly differently. At Te Hopai, we do the things we do based on our assessment of the risk to our residents. As you can imagine we err on the side of caution given the potential consequences if we get it wrong. With the change to Auckland’s alert level we thought it useful to again talk to you all again about our arrangements and visiting.

  1. Firstly, if you have travelled from Auckland, please do not visit. As our Prime Minister has said “Please don't just pop into an aged care facility no matter where it is in the country”. Followed up with the message from Phil Goff reminding Aucklanders that “No Aucklander wants to be the person that spreads the virus to other places and that's why we've got to be a little bit more careful”. Added to this, if you have guests staying with you from Auckland, or you go to visit someone in Auckland, please stay away until you are sure you have no possibility of bringing the virus into the facility. We must keep your loved ones as safe as we can!
  2. We are keeping our ‘visiting hours’ between 10am-12md and 1pm‑5pm every day – generally we will be keeping this to Monday-Saturday but we will open this Sunday because it is Father’s Day (and have organised extra staff to cover). Appointments are still critical. They cannot be made ‘on the day’ or during the weekend (the weekend reception staff do not have access into our email system). If you would like to visit, please email during the week for an appointment. Please be patient, she is working through a lot of emails every day.
  3. We have also been having comments about why you are required to wear masks and our staff aren’t. There are a number of reasons for this, they are:
  • You are coming in from outside in a level 2 environment to a more constrained environment here. We don’t know where you have been and who you have been with. Whilst we believe you are being careful, we must be careful too.
  • We are trying to keep the day-to-day experience of our residents as smooth as possible and, waking up from a sleep or being attended to by a masked person, can be frightening especially for those who do not understand (or can’t remember) what is happening ‘out there’.
  • Our staff are being asked to do the reverse of you. They are being asked to wear masks when they are not here, again in an effort to keep our residents safe. We have been providing reusable masks to our staff to help them help us.

We remind you that we need to reduce as much as possible having people walk through the facility to get to where they need to go so. If you are visiting in the rest home or Kowhai, please use the Hospital Road entrance. If you are visiting either of the Owen Street wings or the hospital, please use the Owen Street entrance. Please also be aware that, if you are waiting for entrance you will need to be patient and maintain social distancing.

We will be continuing to collect information (for contact tracing) from you before allowing entry into the facility. We are using our electronic sign in-sign out system for this purpose. If you are a regular visitor, you can ask the system to ‘remember me’ and that will make the process quicker the next time you visit. Staff at the reception will assist you to do this if you have any trouble. The system collects information on your address, telephone number, and a general health declaration. We will also be taking temperatures on entry, please note that no one with a temperature above 37.5˚C will be admitted. We also ask that you scan the QR code at each Reception if you have the technology to do so.

Again, we thank you for your continued support. We will contact you again as the situation changes.


Chris Sanders (for Pakize Sari)
HR Manager