Covid-19 Update 5 Nov 21



As the country watches and waits and counts down to 90% vaccination across all the DHBs, we have been busy drafting our new protocols for the “traffic light” system that should be in place by Christmas.  This is attached and hopefully easy to follow.


This new system does rely on you sharing your vaccination status with us.  Currently this can be done by showing us your vaccination card, or a screen shot / print out of the my covid record website.  Once we have seen this, we will add you to our database so you only have to provide the proof once (apologies if we ask twice while we get this up and running). Hopefully the government will introduce a digital vaccination certificate shortly which will then be able to be used.


The last two months of visits by appointment, and restricted visits has been difficult for all of us.  We are all looking forward to stopping these and being less restrictive for vaccinated visitors.  We are therefore happy to announce, that



We will move to a version of the orange light protocols at Te Hopai. So what does this mean?

  • Only the Owen St entrance will be open.
  • Visitors who are vaccinated and prepared to share this with us, can visit any time, any day 10-12, 1-4 and on Tues and Thurs 5-7pm.
  • You must wear a mask, but are not restricted to the residents room, you can go to the lounges, gardens etc:
  • Outside these hours you must get prior permission before visiting.
  • Non vaccinated visitors or those that are not prepared to share their status with us can only visit on the hour (at 10,11, 1,2,3, 5.30) on a Tues or Thurs.  This will be for 45 minutes in the Whānau room only.
  • To reiterate, please use the Owen St entrance only.  We will be closing Hospital Rd to visitors.
  • And again, this starts Wed 10 November, so the weekend and Mon/Tues continue to be by appointment.


While this will come as a great relief to the majority of you, we understand there may be a small number who disagree with our decisions. We respect the choice to be unvaccinated and are not insisting or asking anyone to change this.  This is their right and we are fully supportive of this decision. However, we need everyone to respect our choice and decisions and comply with our protocols as we navigate these uncertain times and do what we believe is best for our 151 residents and 160 staff.


Noho ora mai