Covid 19 Update 30 Nov 21



Kia ora koutou

This is just a quick update regarding protocols and vaccines for Te Hopai Residents, Families, Friends and Visitors.

Vaccine Pass

After some investigation and homework we are pleased to let you know that we have secured the My Vaccine Pass for our residents.  Those of you that wish to have a copy for your resident, please let us know and we will email this to you. We also have a copy on file, so are able to print this if you are here and taking your resident out where they may need this.

Booster Vaccines

We will be running a booster vaccine day on Wed Dec 15.  The bulk of our residents and staff who were vaccinated in May/June will be given this.  The consent given for the vaccine last time will remain in place.  If you DO NOT want your resident have this, please let us know.  

Wed Dec 15

Please do not visit unless it is urgent so the vaccine day can run smoothly and all admin staff can be used to transport and support residents as required.  If you do come, it is likely the Owen St doors will be locked from time to time if staff are busy with resident movements.  If this is the case, please be patient.

Christmas leave

At this stage we are unsure of what our Christmas leave protocols will be. This will depend on how widely spready COVID is in the Wellington area.  It will also depend on where they are going and if any unvaccinated people will be there.

We will make a final decision on this closer to the time.  We are sorry as the lack of clarity will be frustrating for some of you, but we are not sure what the impact of the Auckland boarder opening will be and we need to be prudent with our decision making.

In the meantime, we would like you to share your intentions with us now to help with planning. If you are wanting to take your resident out/home for Christmas can you please let us know all the details to ensure the day runs smoothly. For example - taking out to restaurant for lunch at 11, or taking home (with no visitors for weekend from 24th at noon until 26th), or taking home for family Christmas (# people) at 9am returning at 5.

Christmas Party

This year we are having “residents only” Christmas parties in each area. We are sorry that we are not throwing our doors open and hosting our wide family but we have decided for the health and safety of our residents this year needs to be an intimate gathering. We will share photos of this with you at a later time.

Traffic Lights

Our visiting protocols will remain as they are.  This will only change if COVID widely spread in the Wellington area, or (hopefully not) in our Te Hopai family.  We will communicate immediately with you should these change. Our visitor sign in system is looking to add scanning ability for the vaccine pass which we are looking forward to.


Thanks for being part of our family and supporting us through the last 4 months. Thanks for respecting our protocols and using Owen St as the entrance when visiting.  We know this is not ideal for all of you and we will revisit this in the New Year. Thanks for sharing your vaccination status and making the transition to this new traffic light system smooth.


Noho ora mai

Pakize Sari, Jill Kerridge, Christie Allado, Tracey Broadley and all your Te Hopai team