Covid-19 Update 24 Aug



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #22

We have decided that we will be moving to Level 2 from today. I’m sure you are all very keen to hear what our intentions are around allowing visitors into the facility while keeping our lovely residents safe. We remain very mindful of the potential consequences if Covid 19 comes into the facility and balancing this with your need to see your loved ones and their need to see you. To this end we have decided that we will allow visiting under the following circumstances, none of which are designed to make it difficult for you to visit:

  1. We will be instituting ‘visiting hours’ between 10am-12md and 1pm‑5pm every day – Monday-Saturday – we will again close Sunday to give our administration staff the chance to take the day off and have some respite.
  2. We will be asking people to wear masks while visiting. We would like to be able to provide masks to all visitors, but this would deplete the stocks we might require in the event of a virus outbreak. We understand that masks are again available in shops (pharmacies and dollar shops) but if you are unable to buy one outside the facility, we have masks available at the Reception area. I am sorry, but we will need to charge $2 per mask if you want to get one from us as these now come at a significant cost to us.
  3. Visiting will be for a single person in the residents own room and by appointment. You can email Delanie for an appointment on This way we can control the number of people in the facility at any given time and only have a small number of people in each area. Children under the age of 16 will not be admitted under Level 2.
  4. We also want to reduce as much as possible having people walk through the facility to get to where they need to go so. If you are visiting in the rest home or Kowhai, please use the Hospital Road entrance. If you are visiting either of the Owen Street wings or the hospital, please use the Owen Street entrance. Please also be aware that, if you are waiting for entrance you will need to be patient and maintain social distancing.
  5. We will be continuing to collect information (for contact tracing) from you before allowing entry into the facility. We are now using our electronic sign in-sign out system for this purpose. If you are a regular visitor, you can ask the system to ‘remember me’ and that will make the process quicker the next time you visit. Staff at the reception will assist you to do this if you have any trouble. The system collects information on your address, telephone number, and a general health declaration. We will also be taking temperatures on entry, please note that no one with a temperature above 37.5˚C will be admitted. We also ask that you scan the QR code at each Reception if you have the technology to do so.

Again, we thank you for your continued support. It will be lovely to see you all again. We will contact you further if our PM decides to relax restrictions at today’s press conference.


Chris Sanders (for Pakize Sari)

Human Resources Manager