Covid-19 Update 23 Jun 21



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #30 

As you will have heard, the Wellington region will be moving to Level 2 from today and I am sure that, as always, you are all very keen to hear what our intentions are around allowing visitors into the facility. We are pleased that we had over 90% of staff and residents vaccinated last month, and we are continuing to work with new residents and staff to increase our overall protection.


As before we are still mindful of the potential consequences if COVID-19 gets into the facility and balancing this with your need to see your loved ones and their need to see you.


From 6pm today (Wednesday 23 June) we will be instituting the same Level 2 restrictions we last used. These are.

1.         ‘Visiting hours’ by appointment, Monday to Sunday – times are 10am, 11 am, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. Please email us for an appointment that suits you on Please use this email to ensure we have the message actioned by one of our administration staff.

2.         Please note that visiting times are restricted to two people for a maximum of one hour, in the resident’s room (to reduce the total number of people in the facility at any one time). We will require the use masks when walking to and from the room. Please do not go to other areas of the facility. Also be aware that, if you are waiting for entrance you will need to be patient and maintain social distancing of at least 2 meters.

3.         If you are unable to source a mask to wear in the facility, we again have masks available at the reception area. I’m sorry, but we will still need to charge $2 per mask if you want to get one from us as these still come at a significant cost.

4.         When you enter the facility, you will still be required to sign-in, please sanitize your hands with the sanitizer provided both before and after signing-in.

5.         We also remind you that you should not visit us if you are feeling unwell. We remind you we have the automatic temperature checking apparatus in operation. This will alert us if anyone enters the facility (staff or visitors) with a temperature of 37.5 or above. Once we are open to visitors, visitors with a temperature at this level or above will not be admitted.


Finally, last time there were some comments about the fact that our staff do not wear masks in the workplace. So we can be clear why this is so, it is because we use the reverse for our staff than we do for our visitors. We ask that staff wear masks outside the workforce and regard them and their families as our extended bubble (you may have noticed our message to staff on our external doors that remind our staff that ‘Te Hopai Heroes Wear Masks’. This has the effect of insulating our residents from the outside but allows them a sense of normalcy as they go about their daily lives. Staff who are ill are encouraged not to come to work and to get a precautionary swab if this is indicated.


We continue to thank you for your support as we stay the course set for us by this virus. We remain vigilant and will continue to assess risk as it comes.

Pakize Sari – General Manager