Covid-19 Protocols 13 Oct 21



Covid-19 Protocols for the future


We want to thank you for sharing your vaccination status with us. This has helped reassure us that the large majority of our extended family are protected against the virus therefore reducing the risk of contracting it, being seriously ill and passing it on.


We are pleased with the latest government directive that all aged care workers must be vaccinated and are working with a few staff who are new or returned from leave to achieve our 100% fully vaccinated status. Our resident vaccination rate remains high at 98%. We are running yet another catch up day for new residents this week.We are already working with our volunteers and contractors to ensure all visitors to our premises are fully vaccinated.

As we move forward into living with COVID, we have been working through our visiting protocols. While we are not implementing these today, we would like to share with you what we are looking at so this is not a surprise. These protocols will be likely implemented overnight if there is COVID in the Wellington community and we would like you to be familiar with them.


If you have still not been vaccinated, and want to talk to someone about the vaccine, please let us know. We have two trained COVID vaccinators on site, and they would be happy to sit down with you. Equally if you have “just not gotten around to it yet” then please take the opportunity this weekend to join in the vax-a-thon and get your first dose. By doing this you are protecting not only yourself, but your loved ones and our whole Te Hopai family.


Covid in the Community, level 3 or 4 lockdown

If there is COVID in Wellington and the government mandate a level 3 or 4 style lockdown, then as usual we will be closed to all visitors and will instigate skype and remote visits.


Covid in the Community, no lockdown

If there is COVID in the Wellington community and we are not in a lockdown, then we will have two different visiting protocols, for vaccinated and non vaccinated visitors. If you do not wish to share your status with us, we respect this, but please know you will have to be treated like a non vaccinated visitor.

Our general rules will be:

  • We will close our Hospital Rd entrance. All visitors will be asked to use Owen St only. Please do not be offended if we ask you to walk / drive around there as this will be strictly enforced. We will assist with parking by asking staff to park at Hospital Rd to ensure there is maximum parking at Owen St.

  • No children under 12 will be allowed.

  • No residents will be allowed out for social events.

  • We will maintain a register of vaccinated visitors for each resident. This will be limited to the

    residents’ partner, children and three additional people. We will be asking for proof of vaccination to be shown to us. We are looking forward to the implementation of the vaccine passport to assist us with checking this information easily.

    (If you wish to populate this in advance, please show us your vaccine card next time you are in or talk to Tracy. We are unsure if these protocols will come into place prior to the vaccine passport, so will work with you regarding proof.)


Vaccinated visitors will no longer have to make an appointment during our opening hours. These will be 10-4 Mon-Sun with two late nights. We will still require mask use. Any visits outside these hours will be by exception and with clinical manager authority.

Non vaccinated visitors will be limited. We will have two days (likely Tues and Sat) with 45 minute visiting slots on the hour. There will be one person per resident only and you will be required to wear PPE that we supply at a cost. If rapid testing is available, then you would also be asked to take a test, again at your cost. There will be limited slots available, and no exceptions will be made if you miss them, are late, or they are full. We are putting the safety of our residents, staff and vaccinated visitors first and ask that as we respect your non vaccinated status, you respect our decision.

If you are a Kowhai non vaccinated family member then you will not be allowed entry to the Kowhai unit, and we will provide another meeting place for you, such as the boardroom.

As always, palliative residents may have exceptions applied to them, with clinical manger authority.


If there is Covid at Te Hopai

While we would rather never see COVID in our facility, if there is a confirmed positive case of COVID- 19 in Te Hopai, either staff or residents, then we will be immediately locked down until a complete assessment was completed.

We will be implementing COVID protocols and testing all staff and residents. Once the outcome of this is known and COVID contained, then we will revert back to the above protocols. This may be area by area.