RWNZ Mighty Shout out



Hanging out with Jacinda Adern are Te Hopai Carers Rae & Lynn.

They attended a Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) Mighty Morning Tea Shout on Wednesday, 29 July 2020

"The RWNZ Mighty Morning Tea Shout is an opportunity for us to thank all the people who worked through the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and those who supported their communities during that time," says National President Fiona Gower.

"During lockdown many New Zealanders honed their baking skills and there is no better way to say thank you for a job well done than with a morning tea shout.

"It is never a bad time to thank the people who have helped us through our Covid-19 response, so if you couldn't take part on the 29th, just say thanks when you can.

"RWNZ is suggesting that if the preference is to buy food, that participants support local bakeries and cafes that had to be closed during throughout the pandemic response.

"Our team of 5 million has done an amazing job in response to the threat of the Covid-19 virus - we think it is important to celebrate that success, to say thanks to the essential workers and the people in our communities who helped all of us through.

"Generations of New Zealanders have enjoyed morning tea shouts and we think this is a perfect opportunity to use this tried and true way of saying thanks," says Ms Gower.