Messages from the Chair Dec 22



Recently Te Hopai Trust Board celebrated the role our Volunteers play in enriching the lives of our Residents.


Here is the message from the Chair, Dean Riddell


Te Hopai – Chair Speech to Volunteers at Appreciation Evening for 2022

Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou Katoa

Nau mai Haere mai Te Hopai Whanau whanui eh hoe - Rawa Te Hopai Kaimahi eh Kaitūa

Welcome Te Hopai extended family and friends - especially Te Hopai volunteers

I too am a Te Hopai volunteer - year 23 on The Te Hopai Board - year 2 as Chair

On behalf of the Te Hopai Board I would like to express our appreciation for your valuable contribution.

We are grateful for the energy, enthusiasm and dedication you bring to your roles as volunteers for Te Hopai

You make our mission that much smoother. The best gift you can give is your time.
We are truly thankful
Tena Koutou - Ehara koe I a ia!

We are lucky we have you

Deano Riddell


The Chair also addressed fellow Trustees at the Board Christmas function


Te Hopai - Christmas talk from the Chair at the final Board meeting and dinner for 2022

Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou Katoa
Nau mai Haere mai Te Hopai Whanau whanui eh hoe Welcome Te Hopai extended family and friends

I have a brief few words from The Chair before we start dinner

Firstly I would like specifically to welcome some new faces

3 new board members - Relatively new

Cheryl & Mike - here tonight - and Angelique who unfortunately got Covid eliminated today.
All 3 joined us at the AGM in August. Each were hand-picked to provide specific skill to the board and have all adjusted in very nicely.

But we also have 3 departures from the board

Loraine - 25 years on the board - 6 years as Chair. Lorraine’s willingness to challenge and tackle the thorny issues will be missed however on that she has taught us all that challenging and tackling the thorny issues is a big part of why we are on the board

Dave - 18 years on the board. Dave wrote his own Job Description for the role of Managing Director and constantly over-achieved it.

Rory – a relative new-comer to the board but in that time made a significant contribution and impact. We are all excited for him for his massive new career move but very disappointed it precludes him from being on our Board.

In addition Tracy - revolutionised our financials. From what Tracy started with to where we are now - transformational.

And thank you to Pakize and her team

  • Outstanding

  • Head & heart management

  • Caring and skilled

    Covid continues to feature dominantly in all our lives - age care continues to be at the sharp end - timely words as we have a Covid situation Pakize and team are dealing with at the moment

    Pakize and her team lead the pack with operating techniques able to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable community

    A Star team lead by its inspirational captain and Jill her fantastic 2IC

    Thank you to our team of support professionals

  • Johnathan Crawford, our Trust lawyer

  • Dr Dave Pickett

  • Dr Andrea Crighton

  • Dr Rowena Sosich

    All of you play a key role in our success - we are truly grateful


Simon Wallace - is included in that. Simon does excellent job of representing the Age Care sector Also our group of volunteers - I had the pleasure of joining at their thank you drinks last week. Their passion for Te Hopai is infectious

My fellow Board - We have great board

  • Diverse

  • Strong

  • Bold

  • Forward thinking

  • And above all - Caring

    This is a board who is not afraid to

  • tackle the big issues

  • face challenges

  • Innovate

  • back themselves
    I am truly grateful to be chair for such a great team

    I would also like to acknowledge the former board members here tonight - Euan & Doug - Each of you have stamped your own mark on the board and have contributed to what Te Hopai is today

    I would now like to invite Bill our Kamatua to provide the blessing for our meal

    Kia Ora - nga mihi pai cheers & best wishes

    Deano Riddell