Farewell Lillian Cois



It is sadness that we farewell Lillian Cois who has been the Clinical Manager at the Te Hopai Rest Home for over 13 years. Lillian is moving elsewhere in NZ

The Board of Trustee thanks Lillian for her hard work and dedication to Te Hopai over the years.

Lillian's kindness and commitment to our residents will be remembered by the many families who she has supported and guided as they deal with the grief of ageing and dying relatives.

She leaves a legacy of care and compassion, and a shining example for those who follow her.

As Clinical Manager Lillian has been an integral part of the management team and enhanced the strength of the Te Hopai reputation for excellence.

Lillian will be missed by all, and we wish her well with your future endeavours.

With thanks from the Board of Trustees, all Te Hopai Staff, our residents & their families.






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