Families Skype during lockdown



During lockdown one of the most difficult challenges is the loss of social contact with loved ones.


Te Hopai is making sure families can still connect by making Skype calls available to residents.


These are run these on the half hour by appointment, but if they are ‘full’ we cannot ‘slip you in’ so please understand if we cannot make your preferred time. 


To make a Skype appointment, please email alicia@tehopai.co.nz.  Alicia is at work Sunday – Thursday so you need to contact her on these days to make an appointment.


Please include your skype name so we can easily find you and your preferred time.  As we have multiple chrome books, we will send you a wave or message to accept us before the ‘meeting’ starts.  We have several Te Hopai accounts we use for Skype and will not know which one we are using until the time. Please bear with us as we get this back up and running, we will endeavour to answer your calls/emails as soon as we possibly can.


If you would like to write a letter to your family member, you can email your letter to us and we will make sure they get it and, if necessary, we will read it to them. If you would like to do this, please use the alicia@tehopai.co.nz email address.