Covid-19 Update 7 April



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #6

We are now 2 weeks into our lockdown and almost 2 weeks into the nationwide lockdown. Whist we are missing the vibrancy of having family and friends in the facility, we can report that our residents are being kept engaged and interested. This update is less about the rules and more about the new 'normal' at Te Hopai, including some news about the activities and attitudes of our residents.

Our Resident discussion groups have been very thought-provoking and some of the comments enlightening. One of the interesting comments is that "at least we aren't hungry", relating the wartime years and comments about how safe residents feel being here. There is certainly a sense from our residents that the current epidemic is nothing (to the people who went through it) to previous flu epidemics.

It has also been interesting has been seeing how much 'stepping up' is happening here. Some of the residents have taken over volunteer activities (like the book club) and some of the staff have been volunteering their skills which is just so lovely. The weekly 'pamper day' has seen great uptake from our ladies (and some of our gents). 


Check out the Activity Page on our website for photographs.

The Skype interactions are also going well, the administration and recreation staff have certainly been kept on their feet! We hope that you are all getting as much out of the interaction as your loved ones. We remind you that if you have not taken up this opportunity and want to, you can still email Delanie on<> during office hours Monday-Friday to make an appointment. You will need to include your email and Skype name. We are offering resident access daily between 10am to 4pm.

We also want to say thank you to you. We have been blown away by the responsiveness and generosity of our extended community. Most of you have been fantastic in responding very quickly to our changing request as we proactively react to Government guidelines, staying away, not bringing in food and clothes and other requests. We know this is a difficult time, but we cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. We also want to thank those of you who have sent donations for staff to Tracy (Finance Manager) for the Staff Fund. It's great to see that appreciation goes both ways. The funds distribution to staff will happen this week and I'm sure all our outstanding staff will appreciate your generosity.

On the planning front, things are still going well. We are keeping our ear to the ground to stay with, or ahead, of advice coming out of the Ministry. The recent Covid-19 outbreak in the Christchurch care home is a salutary reminder for us not to relax our guard and the transitional isolation area we put into place for new admissions to Te Hopai is working well. We have still been taking admissions as the hospitals have been very keen to keep beds open in case this 'blows apart' and we have been doing our bit to help them do this whilst keeping our current residents protected.

Our staff are still doing their very best to keep your love ones safe and again, we thank you for respecting this and staying away. We acknowledge these are difficult times but keep in our minds the risk that is still present for our vulnerable resident and the responsibility for all of us to help prevent or slow the spread of Covid-19!

We look forward to being able to open our doors to you when the time comes.

Pakize Sari
General Manager