Covid-19 Update 4 May



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #11

We have completed a week of level 3 and await further information on when we might move to level 2 and what that might ‘look like’. Whilst we are aware that you are all itching to get back to visiting us here, we are still very aware of the risk that aged-care facilities specifically can face. One has only to see the effects of Covid-19 on residents in the aged-care facilities in Christchurch, Auckland, and in the Waikato to understand why we are being so cautious when it comes to ‘opening our doors’.

According to the latest Covid-19 information we have, there are currently 5 active cases in the CCDHB area and 4 active cases in the Hutt Valley (HVDHB), none are patients in any of the hospitals. It has now been 12 days since a new case was reported in the CCDHB and 27 days since the last reported case in the HVDHB. Whilst at the moment it appears that there is no community transmission in the Wellington region, we were still pleased to hear today that the Ministry of Health has initiated random testing of staff and residents in aged care facilities, something we have been advocating for some time.
I do want, in this update, to ‘shout out’ to our wonderful ‘door guardian’ staff – aka the administration team. As well as managing our doors for those who have to enter the facility (contractors, repair workers etc.) they have also been working tirelessly to manage the electronic communication devices for families and residents to connect with each other. We have been hearing that there has been some frustration from families not being able to get an answer if they telephone Te Hopai, but it is the volume of calls that are the issue, not lack of phone lines or the movement of staff (several of the phones are mobile). The number of calls our administration team has been fielding is far in excess of what we would normally get in a day, so we ask that you be patient.

After our change last week allowing gifts (goods and food) to be brought in for residents, the administration team have also been spending time delivering items that have been dropped off for residents. We would like to thank you all for following the instructions we gave in our last update and continuing to keep our residents safe when delivering the gifts – we know it must have been hard to ‘visit’ without actually ‘visiting’. The gifts have been very well received by residents thanks in part to the recreation team who are using the delivery of gifts as an opportunity to take time (while helping resident unveil their gifts) to help residents by reminding them what is happening with Covid-19 in NZ and reinforcing with them that they are most certainly being thought of by their families and that they would be visiting if this was allowable. I also delivered some personally and enjoyed the response!

It was also good to see our residents getting out and about last week. We were lucky that the weather was fine, and the feedback from residents has been positive. Van trips may be curtailed in the early part of this week due to a few, isolated, cases of norovirus (if you didn’t hear from us, your loved one wasn’t affected). Our investigations found that this was brought into the facility by a contractor but, following rigorous use of PPE and cleaning, this was quickly curtailed and brought under control for which we were thankful.

Thanks again for your continued support as we continue to move forward in a way that keeps everyone safe.

Pakize Sari
General Manager