Covid-19 Update 26 May



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #14


Just an update of where we are at following the change to gathering size update from the Government. We have decided to slightly relax some of the strictures we have had in place but otherwise change very little given we remain in an 'at risk' group and we have had no further updates from the MoH or the CCDHB. So, to keep you in the loop:

1.     We will continue to accept appointments from families (or in the absence of family close friends) but this will remain at one person per visit and still exclude under 16s at this time.

2.     We still need to collect contact information to assist with contact tracing should this become necessary. We have the QR for the Government tracing app at both Receptions and you are welcome to use this to monitor your personal movements but please note this does not take the place of actually signing in and out when you visit the facility or the need for us to health check visitors.

3.     Appointments for visits can be made through Delanie on<> for Monday to Saturday at 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm 3pm and 4pm; we will remain closed on Sunday but will be open for appointments on Queens Birthday Monday.

4.     We have employed some young people to assist us with staffing the Reception areas over the weekends. Please be patient with them, they will be trying their best to help you but will not have the experience of our regular staff (and our regular staff can't work 7 days per week).

5.     We are also allowing family members to take residents out of the facility for car rides and while it would be fine to pick up a coffee in Oriental Bay (or somewhere equally pleasant) or take your family member home for a visit or a meal, we ask that you do not frequent the newly opened cafes/restaurants, or take them to attend large gatherings at this time because of the higher risk to our older population from this virus should it resurface in NZ.

On the plus side, appointments with external health providers (e.g. the hospital) have recommenced and we are welcoming back 3 of our long-term volunteers; it will be nice for residents to see some old/new faces given it's been a while.

We thank you for your continued support as we continue to move forward in a way that keeps everyone safe. We will look forward to seeing what the Government have in mind over the next few weeks, particularly around any potential move to Level 1! Rest assured we will continue to re-assess our position around their advice and the risks to the people we care for on a continual basis. We will also continue to share our thought with you as we traverse this situation together.
Kia Kaha everybody and stay safe!

Pakize Sari
General Manager