Covid-19 Update 22 June



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #16

It has now been 2 weeks since we reopened Te Hopai’s doors to family and friends of our residents. It has been lovely to see you all back!

On the whole things have been going well and most people have been complying with the protective measures we continue to maintain to keep residents safe. We do still need to have you all sign-in and out of the facility, every time you visit. Compliance with this has been a little disappointing and we ask that you tell your friends and family that they need to do this as it is important. We have been able to ‘catch’ most people as they pass but feel the responsibility actually lies with the visitor who has a duty to help us keep residents safe. We are currently investigating an electronic sign-in system to try to make this less tedious – update on this to follow.

We have also received updated guidance around visiting in aged residential care during level 1. The advice we have received mostly ties in with what we have been doing. The advice is that visits should be managed to minimise the risks of infection, but visitation must be allowed at Level 1 unless exceptional risk factors are identified (we have been doing this). Exceptional risks include any Covid-19 symptoms or recent arrival from overseas. Further advice is:

Visiting Protocols

•             All visitors must be aware of the need for ongoing infection prevention measures due to the vulnerable population in aged residential care.

•             There must be a register of visitors for the purposes of contact tracing. This should include a declaration that the visitor has no potentially infectious illness.

•             Visitors should not be allowed into a facility if they have any Covid-19 symptoms or a recent contact (in the last 2 weeks) with a person with Covid-19 symptoms.

•             Appointments or pre-arrangement may be required in order to ensure that everyone entering the facility is safe to do so and understands what is required of them to keep everyone safe.

Overseas Visitors

•             No visitor who arrives in New Zealand at Level 1 should visit a facility without providing evidence of a negative Covid-19 testing (we have taking this on board).

•             Currently for overseas visitors, there must be 2 negative tests and 14-days quarantine.

•             It is recommended that a surgical mask is used as an additional precaution of for visitors who have come out of quarantine.

•             If there is any doubt, an additional 14-day symptom free period and/or use of PPE (a surgical mask) is recommended prior to allowing a visitor into a facility.

•             If a person’s work involves overseas travel or close contact with people who have overseas travel It is recommended that the visitor wear a surgical mask.

Obviously, we will be complying with the advice we are being given resident safety is first and foremost in our minds, especially since Covid-19 has again ‘hit our shores’. Further to this, we are asking that, if you take a resident out, for a drive, a coffee, a meal, or to attend a family gathering, then you tell us where you are intending to go prior to leaving the facility, and update us on your return if things change.

We anticipate that restrictions like these will be continuing for some time and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Pakize Sari

General Manager