Covid-19 Update 20 Apr



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #8

We thought that we should be in touch again today immediately upon the Prime Minister's update.

Firstly, I just want to let you know that all is still going smoothly here. Our residents appear to be settled and happy (we would have contacted you otherwise) and many have appreciated the ability to keep in contact electronically. The extra attention we are giving to our engagement programme is also certainly helping and we thank our Recreation Team and staff (some of whom are volunteering their time outside of work hours) for the extra time and effort they are putting in.

So, today we have heard that we will go to Level 3 lockdown from the morning of 28 April. This will then be reviewed 2 weeks later.

I think it is important that you are aware that level 3 will, initially, bring no changes to what we are doing to keep your loved ones safe from the virus. While we are making preliminary plans to take into account the level change, given the impact this virus has been having on other aged-care facilities, we will be waiting for guidance from the DHB and/or Ministry of Health before we finalise any changes to a revised alert level. We are still committed to keeping our 'bubble' as tight as we can.

I am sure that you will all agree with me that this is the correct thing to do even though you are missing out on time spent with the people you care about - the sacrifice is needed so that we can keep our whole population as safe as we can.

You may also have seen some negative media about the availability and use of PPE in both hospitals and care facilities. I want to reassure you that we do have stocks of PPE available if we need it as well as a pathway to DHB stocks. We also have good supplies of soap, and hand sanitisers. Added to this, we have had an intensive re-training programme going over the last few weeks to refresh our staff in the use of correct handwashing, hand sanitiser use, and use of PPE should they need to use it. This is not to say that if Covid-19 finds its way to us, some of our residents and staff may be affected, but we are doing everything that we can to prevent that from happening.

We will be in contact again after we have had time to assimilate any advice we are given. Again, I thank you for your support as we travel this very strange journey we are on.

Pakize Sari
General Manager