Covid-19 update 18 May



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #13

Welcome Back!

Firstly, we want to welcome back our families/whānau!

We know that it has been difficult for you over the past few weeks, but we have appreciated the way you have worked with us to keep our residents, and your loved ones, safe. We also wanted to say thank you (again) for your tolerance and compliance with the strictures we have put around visiting at Te Hopai since our doors ‘cracked open’ last week. On a positive note, we have managed to schedule over 200 people to safely visit since last Thursday, not including the people who have visited because their family member has been unwell. The administrative oversight required has been onerous and we want to again thank our administration staff for their work to allow this to happen. However, the oversight requirement was so high that we had to change our mind about Sunday visiting (unless of course your family member is unwell) to make sure our administration staff had some respite. This was a difficult decision to make but as you can see from the numbers (and the amount of information that has to be collected from each person entering the facility) we could simply not sustain a 7-days per week schedule. I am sure that you understand that we are doing our best in difficult circumstances. As a reminder, if you have not made an appointment to visit and want to, you can email<> for an appointment.

It is also in my mind to again thank the Sutherland Self Help Trust for the grant they gave to us in 2019. Whilst we were given a grant to assist us with our patient management system, we were able to, for the time of the lockdown, ‘repurpose’ the functionality in the Chromebooks that the grant allowed us to buy, to allow our residents to Skype with their family/whānau. If we had not had that resource available to us, it would have been much more difficult to keep those communication pathways open. The Sutherland Self Help Trust provides grants to community organisations throughout New Zealand and, as recipients of grants from them, we wanted to again let them know how much we appreciate the assistance they offer to us.

We thank you for your continued support as we to move forward in a way that keeps everyone safe and look forward to a time when your movement around the facility has to be less managed.

Pakize Sari

General Manager