Covid-19 Update 14 July



Te Hopai: Covid-19 (Coronavirus) updated guidelines and advice #17

With the increase in people returning to New Zealand from overseas, we have again undertaken a risk assessment for people coming into the facility to visit loved ones who have been in managed isolation.

We have decided that, as well as completing the 2 weeks managed isolation, we will require a further one week stand down period and the production of 2 negative Covid-19 results (preferably from day 3 and 12) prior to allowing visiting in the facility. The exception to this is that in extenuating circumstances, we may allow family members to visit during the ‘stand down’ week but only if they are wearing full PPE. PPE can be provided from us in these circumstances for a small cost ($10 per set). PPE is very expensive to buy at the moment, hence the charge.

We will be continuing to limit our ‘open hours’ to the 10am-4pm window so that we can maintain our ‘sign-in – sign out’ oversight. We know that this is difficult for some of you, especially those who work, so if you are unable to visit during these hours, please let us know by emailing either me (on or Jill (Clinical Manager on and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

We do know that the continuing restrictions will be hard to understand in the face of the current situation with, it seems, no community transmission but we remind you that it only takes one person to bring this virus into the facility and the effect will be enormous. We ask that you continue to help us to keep our residents/your loved ones as safe as we can.

We are still trying to make electronic contact tracing and temperature surveillance a reality though our new fundraising effort. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed towards our fundraising target. We have managed to collect 20% of the funds needed and have had promises of other donations (which we are looking forward to receiving).

If you haven’t been able to think of a way to contribute, have you considered contributing all or part of the Winter Energy payment (which is just over $40 per week) that each of our residents receive (but obviously don’t need) – just a thought for you to think about if you would like to help. FYI, and if you need a reminder, our bank account (again) is 06 0513 0101659-00. We have also been collecting goods to raffle and that will be on our Reception desks shortly. If you can help by buying tickets, that would be great! There are some great prizes on offer.

We remind you also (again) that if you take a resident out, for a drive, a coffee, a meal, or to attend a family gathering, please tell us where you are intending to go prior to leaving the facility, and update us on your return if things changed.

We anticipate that restrictions like these will be continuing for some time and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Pakize Sari
General Manager