Christmas Message from the Chair



Christmas Message from the Chair at the final Board meeting of 2021

Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou Katoa

Nau mai Haere mai Te Hopai Whanau whanui eh hoe

Welcome Te Hopai extended family and friends

I am Dean Riddell - the current Board Chair  

I would like to offer a few brief words of thanks to Lorraine Christie  - our immediate former Chair


Lorraine was Chair of Te Hopai trust Board for 6 years - In that time she ran a well-oiled effective machine - a Board with purpose and direction 


Lorraine guided us through the seemingly treacherous path of embarking on premium rooms - this was an issue the Board had been struggling with for many, many years. But now a critical part of our operating model and allows us to fund other activities for all residents.


Lorraine also lead us through the also thorny issue of bringing our financial control in-house - again, now a fundamental part of how we do business 


But the biggie - Lorraine Chaired us through the first COVID lockdown 

These were unprecedented times - at personal level it was scary enough but being ultimately responsible of a large group of the most vulnerable citizens - that is serious 


Lorraine will say that Pakize and her team at the front line were mostly responsible - certainly at the front line that is true - but what the management team and staff needed during times of unprecedented uncharted operation is cool calm guidance, support and governance - Lorraine ensured that


I admire Lorraine’s calm and engaging charisma - as Chair she is a true Whakatere - With Mana


And thank you to Pakize and her team


·       Outstanding

·       Head & heart management 

·       Caring and skilled


Covid continues to feature dominantly in all our lives – and aged care continues to be at the sharp end. 


Almost 2 years down the track Covid is now fully released in the mostly vaccinated community and with the borders opening up - as far as Covid goes - residential age care continues to be as vulnerable as it gets.


Pakize and her team lead the pack with operating techniques able to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable community


A Star team lead by its inspirational captain 


Thank you to our team of support professionals, Johnathan Crawford our Trust lawyer and our doctors Dr Dave Pickett, Dr Andrea Crighton and Dr Rowena Sosich


All of you play a key role in our success - we are truly grateful 


Thank you to the Aged care Association and especially the CEO Simon Wallace. Simon does excellent job of representing the Age Care sector 


And to my fellow Board 


What makes a great board?

  • Strong
  • Bold 
  • Forward thinking
  • And above all - Caring

This is a Board who is not afraid to 

  • tackle the big issues
  • face challenges 
  • Innovate
  • back themselves 

I am truly grateful to be Chair for such a great team

I would also like to acknowledge the former board members here tonight – Euan Wright, Alison Bowie, Sue Ellis & Doug Langford- Each of you have stamped your own mark on the Board and have contributed to what Te Hopai is today

“Te Hopai - Age Care Services of Choice” - Everything is Ka Pai


Kia Ora - nga mihi pai


Dean Riddell