Rooms & Accommodation


Hospital Road Rest Home & Hospital 

Our Hospital Road Rest home and Hospital encompasses 100 en-suite rooms including 16 in the specialist Kowhai Dementia Uni. Most rooms look over bright garden courtyards or have views into Newtown.

The style is warm, bright, friendly and encourages our Residents to truely feel at home.

Owen Street Hospital 

Opened in 2015, our Owen Street facility provides 46 large sunny en-suite rooms.

Linked by stairs and elevator to Hospital Rd, Owen St is a stylish modern addition to Te Hopai. Expansive views over the green belt or Newtown give a grand sense of space and connection our community.

Kowhai Dementia Unit 

Kowhai is our 16 bed Dementia Unit incorporating best practice design to optimise resident comfort and reducing the need for medication. Our warm inviting spaces make every effort to provide a home-like environment for our Residents in a relaxed friendly secure atmosphere.

Residents have access to a Kitchen and garden, with regular activities designed to encourage them to experience daily life as they have known it.

Gardens and Lounges 

Conveniently nestled against the green belt above Newtown, Te Hopai benefits from all day sun, views and leafy outlooks.

Rooms & intimate sitting areas look out over sunny garden courtyards or views of the trees and suburb.

Large public lounges are light and airy, with colourful touches and different characters. These warm spaces are used for daily activities, dining and socialising.

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"I am overall most impressed by the staff, the caring, efficiency and creating an atmosphere of trust."

Carol Loach
Resident - Rest Home

"Te Hopai is looking after me beautifully.
We have fun together."

Elizabeth Ann Knowles

"The accommodation is comfortable. Offered a good variety of food. I’m impressed by how much variety there is."

Neill McDougall
Resident - Hospital

"It (Te Hopai) has a good reputation around the town and good warm community feel as a whole."

Francis Small
Resident - Hospital

"Te Hopai’s greatest strength is its staff, which are exemplary. They are warm, supportive, cheerful, attentive and patient."

John Jensen

"The support given to establish relationships with others of your ilk is very good."

Jack de Simone

"I like the nurses because they are very friendly. Never get grumpie with me because they are too friendly."

Anna Warren

"Food is important to me. It is pleasant. Not quantity but quality."

Phil Matthews

"All staff are fully qualified and experienced in dementia care. Kowhai has a culture of caring and understanding. We're a family"

Janine Coe
Care Manager

"Kowhai is tidy, running it well. Feel I’m well looked after. Well put together from a builders perspective. Zeer good."

Resident 2017

"I'm never sure who has more fun - the dogs or people.When I started bringing dogs from the SPCA they told me Te Hopai was in a league of its own - they were right!""


"Kowhai has a culture of kindness and caring. We have a great team lead by Julie and Janine. We are all team players and we know and work to our strengths."


Price List - As at 1 July 2023

No matter what level of care you are assessed as needing, no one in residential aged care will be asked to pay more than the maximum contribution for Rest Home level care of $204.41 per day.

If, however, you choose a Te Hopai Premium Room, this will attract a Premium Charge of between $28 and $52 per day.

All levels of care (Respite or Long Term Care) $204.41 per day
Premium rooms (excluding Kowhai and Owen Street) including premium daily charge of $28 $232.41 per day 
Kowhai (Dementia Stage III) rooms including premium daily charge of $50 $254.41 per day
Owen Street rooms including premium daily charge of $52 $256.41 per day 

Fortnightly - Long Term Care $2,861.74
Fortnightly rate – Long Term Care in premium room (excluding Kowhai and Owen Street rooms) $3,253.74
Fortnightly rate - Kowhai (Dementia Stage III) room
Fortnightly rate - Owen Street room $3,589.74

The daily rate is set each year by Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand and is effective from 1 July 2023.

All rates quoted are inclusive of GST.



We are committed to providing a caring, warm, safe home-like environment at Te Hopai.

Te Hopai Standard Rooms

(Rest Home & Hospital Rd)

All our rooms have:

  • a full ensuite heated bathroom
  • hospital beds with comfortable mattresses and bright bedding. These fully adjustable beds provide the best possible position and height to suit the individual needs of our residents
  • fully accessible free wi-fi connection
  • telephone
  • furniture if required (wardrobe/dresser/lazy boy chair)
  • Sky TV connection (charged individually)


Premium Rooms

(Owen St, Hospital, Rest Home, and Kowhai Dementia Unit)

In addition to all the features in our standard rooms, Te Hopai Premium Rooms include some or all the following:

  • larger room, more space and/or better layout
  • garden, city, or green belt views
  • north facing rooms for sun and outlook
  • flat screen 32” wall mounted TV
  • technology solutions including access to tablets for video calls and family information sharing
  • greater access to multiple lounge and garden spaces

All rooms in the Kowhai Dementia Unit are classified as Premium Rooms due to the higher ratio of space per resident. Kowhai has courtyard gardens and ‘memory focussed’ activity spaces designed to emulate normal life including: a fully equipped kitchen, washing line, and herb garden.